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Find your WHY, develop your Consciousness, achieve goals & THRIVE in life through Holistic Self-Mastery!

Giannis Tornesakis is a professional Life & Finance Coach with 4+ years of experience and can help you discover your life’s purpose & materialize it through a personalized Holistic Self-Mastery journey!

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Here are some of the features that are included in our Coaching..

Consciousness Development

Design your reality the way you believe it to be by leveling up your consciousness to fully understand the patterns that have kept you limited as well as the patterns that’ll help you win & escape the matrix!

Self-Awareness Map

Find yourself, your major purpose, your burning desire, the thing that truly wakes you up in the morning and drives you to live, create & succeed in life and create the necessary map to follow & implement to success!

Goal Achievements

Goals are your achievements and part of your daily life to help you fulfill your dreams! Learn how to organize, plan, strategize and achieve goals effectively!

Materialization of Major Purpose & Passionate Desire

You need the right amount & quality of action, the right plan and the right people to start creating your purpose, how you want to serve the world and we have the tools & networking plans for you to do it!

…and more!

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We are always working with people that are willing & are ready to level-up and achieve what they want in their lives, creating wonderful partnerships based on genuine relationships, value and common ground to build on!

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