My Story

My name is Giannis Tornesakis and this is my blog.

I created this blog to share my passion, knowledge & experience on Self-Mastery, Wealth Creation & Life Quality. As I grow on my self-mastery journey, I will be sharing with you my & other successful individuals’ knowledge, tips and experiences that I accumulate from my own journey and from the combined & collaborative journey with my Inner Circle of lifetime business partners in order to help you grow mentally, financially & achieve your purpose in life!

My passion is helping people develop their inner being, their perception & consciousness levels and become their ideal selves and transcend from the ME to the WE, to the US mindset to expand their value to the world!

I’m a Mentality Elevator Leader specializing on Holistic Self-Mastery Coaching, guiding people to level-up their consciousness, achieve their goals based on their major purpose in life through their own personalized self-mastery journey!

Furthermore, I’m a MSI Creator meaning I create and/or develop multiple sources of income through collaborative projects around the world with high-energy, multiple expertise & entrepreneurial spirit peers within our Inner Circle: Aligned Action – Empowering People, otherwise known as a Mastermind, in a safe & trusted environment of personal growth!

In addition, I have a big dream, a major purpose! That is to contribute to society by creating a global franchise of educational centers(both physical & digital) and help people develop in their Self-Mastery, create their OWN Wealth and live their Life Quality with meaning all based on their major purpose in life. All to solve the social lack of self-education, self-awareness, self-mastery & true meaning of life that creates inner & outer freedom!

Let’s grow together!