G. Tornesakis Mentality Coaching

I’m a professional Life & Finance Coach with 4+ years in Mastermind & Masterclass Facilitation & Hosting. Coaching, guiding & providing people the right knowledge and experience to raise their consciousness, develop their perception & win in the game of life together in a collaborative environment!

Coaching & Mentorship is a part of life that is needed in every person to become their ideal SELF that is created through self-awareness, personal development & the right team and environment to grow. Many people are successful by themselves working individually without support, few people are WEALTHY & HAPPY with their team of like-minded individuals and co-visionaries that help each other reach the TOP!

When you have a VISION, a major purpose, you need all the support & leadership that you can get in order to reach that vision! That’s what I implement in my life already, teach, coach & guide people to help them develop their lives!

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